Demaree Clay presents the Dog Language and Temperament Testing Seminar and Workshop
Date: February 18 and 19, 2017
Location: Argus Ranch - 35612 212th Way SE, Auburn, WA 98092
Temperament Testing, when used objectively, is the gold standard of dog selection and is used by many rescues to determine which dogs they are willing to accept. By learning these exercises and applying them judiciously, you can ALSO create a more socially-hardy dog in your own beloved companion! Learn to help a local rescue, learn how to screen your next adoption or how to use the exercises to benefit your dog's social tolerance. Five years of field research has yielded a new method of reading dogs comprised of commonly recognized signals along with a few *novel* signals not yet published. When applied with the method of in-real-time transcription (ethogram) used by animal researchers it yields a translation model unprecedented in the dog world today. (We will give you a peek into the translation model on Saturday and hopefully a bit more on Sunday, time permitting.) Understanding what your dog is actually *saying*... objectively, not subjectively, allows behavioral modification to move forward faster and in a safer manner. And.... it is fun! Both of these learning units have been used by a handful of rescues and have been proven to be useful in many ways. The Seminar covering both of the above is scheduled for Saturday the 18th of February in the Auburn area. The following day, on Sunday, there will be a Workshop offering the opportunity to practice the skills learned in the Seminar. The price for the seminar AND workshop is $75 (normally $225). All registration fees will be collected by Shepherds Without Borders, all proceeds will fund their mission of saving GSDs in need - the speaker and other professionals involved have all waived their usual fees to benefit this rescue (coffee, lunch and the facility still need to be paid for though!).

Pre-registration is required, due to limited seating. Please register here.

When the Seminar is sold out, we will close the registrations. Paid seats are guaranteed - reserved seats are not. If you reserve a seat without paying and registrations close you will be out of luck.
Feel free to contact me directly with questions or concerns. Demaree Clay

Dog ownership is an extraordinary experience. But, if your dog doesn’t know how to behave – if he doesn’t understand how to get along in your domestic environment - then it can be a very frustrating relationship. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Every dog deserves an education.

Obedience changes the nature of your relationship with your dog. Human expectation and dog instincts are not always compatible. You expect your dog to be more human – and he wishes you would be more like a dog. This special relationship can be adversely affected by a simple communication gap.

It is your responsibility to provide this valuable education.

Let us help you tap the potential of a more rewarding relationship. At K9U we help you home-school your dog. In your home. Where the dog’s behavior exists. Most owners adjust their lifestyle to each dog. Through Behavioral Training we teach you, the owner, to adjust the dog to fit within your lifestyle and your needs.

We provide comprehensive step-by-step instructive training, including written handouts to help keep you on track between lessons. You will also receive written “prescription-style” instructions of recommended homework to master between lessons.

The most distinctive difference at K9U is that we teach you the theory of why things work the way they do so that if you have behavioral issues in the future, you are able to structure your own plan for successful modification.

K-9U is a complete educational experience.

Our goal is to teach you to set limits within canine understanding – for a lifetime of canine enjoyment.

All dogs can all benefit from this type of relationship training.

Dogs become what we give them the potential to become. “Bad” dogs can become good. Good dogs can learn to be great. Great dogs can learn to be exceptional.

Your dog’s success is in your own hands. We’d love to help.


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