BIOs and Accomplishments

Demaree Clay, Certified Master Trainer

A graduate and former instructor at the National K-9 School for Dog Trainers, Demaree has been training dogs for over 25 years and counseling in behavior for over fifteen years.  During this time over 2,500 dogs have passed through her hands in a training and behavior capacity. Her family was very involved in the showing, breeding and training of dogs and she learned from an early age how to manage, modify behavior and even placed her first dog in the show ring while in her early teens.  Demaree has sponsored seminars, and has lectured the public and professional organizations including the Indiana Veterinary Medical Association, and the New Jersey Dog Federation as well as other area groups.  Prior to training dogs professionally and while serving as a veterinary technician, Demaree received certification as a Small Animal Dietician.

Demaree has served in a talent procurement position for local commercials and print ads using her own client base and handling the selected dogs during filming.  Several of Demaree’s canine companions, and a few of her client’s dogs, have been featured on radio (a “speaking” part), on television during interviews, in television commercials, in print ads and on stage.

Demaree is a former member of the National K-9 Graduate’s Association, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), the Delta Society and is certified by the Red Cross in Canine CPR and Pet First Aid.  Demaree and several of her dogs were registered with the Delta Society as Pet Partners for in-hospital and in-facility pet therapy.  She served as a licensed Delta Pet-Partner Evaluator and a licensed Delta Pet-Partner Preparatory Instructor.  Since the inception of her professional career, all of her working dogs have taken and passed the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test, and a few of her dogs have gone on to earn more advanced titles.  Demaree has judged 4-H Obedience Matches, and most recently the North Jersey Regional Science Fair’s behavioral science entries.  She lobbies against breed-discriminate legislation and for standardized behavioral testing of all dogs living in an urban or suburban lifestyle. 

Demaree specializes in puppy development, comparative philosophies and rehabilitating severe behavioral issues.

There are three other human members of the team and two canine members of the team: Dianna Vengsarkar, Lorraine Heucke, and Reneen Pluchino, along with ...

Cinnamon - Cinnamon is a rehabilitated rescue and currently works for K9U demonstrating obedience and advanced tasks. "Cinnie" is handicapped-assistance trained and is currently in training for advanced scent discrimination. She gives presentations to both individual clients and group events.  She has her Canine Good Citizenship Award and has modeled for and been published in print ads. When asked, "Cinnamon" says she isn’t sure what her specialty will be, but she continues to try new things until she finds her calling.  Until then she is happy to serve as a play-therapist for developing puppies and shy adult dogs, a job she thoroughly enjoys.


LilBit - A Hurricane Floyd refugee, "Lil’Bit" was adopted by "Vixen" (a legendary German Shepherd Dog with a heart of gold) directly off of the flooded streets of rural, eastern North Carolina.  At the time of "capture," "Lil’Bit" had lost trust in humans and was living by her wits and hunting for necessities.  Within a year of rescue, "Lil’Bit" auditioned for and received the role of "Sandy" in a local production of Lil’ Orphan Annie; a part she later reprised before retirement.  "Bits" has her CGC and is a retired Delta Pet Partner, a retired demonstrator, retired play-therapist and a retired recovery dog.  "Bits" now spends most of her time advising "Cinnamon."


K-9 U is proud to offer an on-going apprenticeship program for the uniquely curious and aspiring professional.  We have a varying number of apprentices, interns and trained volunteers in various stages of internship who love dogs and love working with dogs.  These dedicated individuals make it possible for us to do as much as we can to assist each and every client.  To work for K-9U, all of our trainers have gone through a rigorous in-house program preparing them for the challenges of working with a variety of dogs with a variety of dysfunctions.  Our trainers, interns and apprentices are committed to continuing education throughout their career here with us by giving and attending workshops and lectures.   

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