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How does obedience help with dog problems? 

Obedience creates interspecies communication and teaches the dog that you are a fair and benign leader.  Leadership carries the responsibility - and the right - to define appropriate from inappropriate behavior.  As children require a basic education, so do dogs. Canine instinct rarely meets human expectations.  Setting limits is a fair method of teaching your expectations.  Unless the dog learns what you expect, he can never be a happy member of your family.  Dogs have a right to this education.

Obedience isn’t so that your dog looks fancy on the leash.

Obedience Training is one of the cornerstones in developing a good relationship with your dog by teaching him, or her, the basics in communication.   Obedience Training sets the stage for teaching expectations and shaping behavior.

Obedience teaches your dog to listen – he learns to look to you for direction.

Obedience changes the nature of your relationship with your dog.

Dogs who understand their role in your household are not only more comfortable to be around but also become more willing to please their human companions.   Dogs become what we give them the potential to become.

Obedience teaches the dog to “think outside of the box” of their own instincts.

Obedience teaches the dog to use his intellect to please you instead of using his intellect to get around your rules. 

Owners who train and practice and require a reasonable amount of obedience from their dogs experience significantly fewer behavioral issues throughout the dog’s life.  And of those that do develop behavioral issues later in life, pre-existing obedience work provides a handle on behavior that expedites modification and recovery.


What is behavioral training? 

Behavioral Training is an integrated method of working with your dog within his, or her, own instincts.  Behavioral Training looks at the root cause of each behavior and works to eliminate inappropriate behaviors without suppressing personality or causing instinctive conflict.  Behavioral Training focuses on the dog, as a dog, and works to provide appropriate outlets for instinctive behaviors. 

Most owners adjust their lifestyle to each new dog.  Through Behavioral Training, we teach the owner to adjust the dog, using the canine’s tremendous potential for flexibility, to fit their lifestyle and expectations.

Behavioral Training is relationship-based, creating a more intense, more satisfying bond between you and your dog.  Your dog will learn to look to you for direction, on his/her own.  Your relationship with your dog is a powerful tool and fun to work within.  You and your dog will enjoy this new relationship. 


Is private training right for me and my dog? 

At K-9 U we help you “home-school” your dog, and we educate the owners to set the foundation for a lifetime of success.  Group classes cannot provide individualized one-on-one attention that takes into account your dog’s individual needs.  Private training allows both owner and dog to proceed at their individual pace and get the most out of each training session.  Comprehensive step-by-step training, including written handouts, keep you on track during the week.  Homework includes a written “prescription-style” set of instructions for modification exercises at each lesson.


K9U is a unique educational experience

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