Like Mother, Like Daughter... Like Owner, Like Dog - It was a perfect day at my mother’s river house in North Carolina. It was October. The sky was clear and deep blue. The kind of deep blue I only remember seeing in the southern states. The wind was light, just enough to keep things from heating up too terribly much. If you have never been there, fall in the Carolina’s can mean a high temperature of 90 degrees. This day that I deemed perfect ... (more)

The Vain Shepherd and the Kerchief Wars - When Vixen was about the age of eight, I thought she should wear a kerchief to make her look less intimidating to clients.  But once I started this, it became something she thought she should do. “Vixen” quickly became a fashion plate.   She prefers to wear a kerchief than not wear one.  To this day, if we pass a folded kerchief... (more)

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