The overwhelming majority of our clients report that they have "better communication skills [with their dog] as a result of training," that their "relationship with their dog has improved," and that their "learning coach was informative and helpful."    

Thank you for everything.  I can see a big difference.”  -  Katie and Mike (“Rascal”)

“Thank you!” - Samantha (“Justice”)

“I want to thank you for everything you did for us.  Diesel has definitely changed for the better.” - Charlie (“Diesel”)


A few of our clients are more prolific (and we love them for it!):

"When we met Demaree we owned 2 female German Shepherd dogs, ages 10 (Kaela) and 12 (Juliet).  We decided this would be a good time to get a puppy so she could learn from the 2 older ones.  Against the advice of some, we decided to get another female.  Traditionally females do not get along in a “pack” and we were pushing our luck.  Our new arrival (Misty) came at the age of 8 weeks old.  At 3 months we enrolled her in puppy classes with Demaree.  It was a great socialization experience and we signed up for additional lessons.  Upon completion of the training, we enrolled Misty in further training.  Following the concise handouts, we reinforced the training Misty was given.  The training really involves the dog and the owners.  We were shown what to do, we did it under Demaree’s guidance, and then on our own.  Any issues or questions that came up, Demaree was only a phone call away.

Misty advanced in her training very well and was also accepted into the “pack” without any problems at all.  She is a very impressive German Shepherd, confident in herself, and loves to go for walks without pulling on her leash.  I believe this was a result of her training, not just luck.

Fast forward 2 years; Juliet and Kaela are still around and everyone is getting along fine.  The 3 of them eat together, share toys and beds.  No aggression at all.  Belonging to the Garden State German Shepherd Rescue group, I was asked to foster a 4 month old female German Shepherd who was going to be put to sleep due to severe hip dysplasia.  We introduced her to the other 3, and since she was small and weaker there was no threat involved.  So now we have 4 females living with us.  The new arrival was called Blue by the rescue group as that was the color of her collar.  Blue had surgery on both her rear legs to relieve the pain and help her lead a normal life.  During her recuperation time at our house she was treated gently by her dog family.  I believe they knew there was something wrong with her and treated her accordingly.  No bullying or rough playing took place.  Was that instinct or “Demaree training”?

A few weeks later we had to put Kaela to sleep due to a progressive nerve damaging disease.  At the same time someone contacted the rescue group about adopting Blue.  We had to decide to let her go to her new home or keep her.  Having become so attached to her and taking care of her post-surgery needs, we could not let her go.  So we adopted her and changed her name to Heidi.  Next day we called Demaree.  Demaree came and worked with Heidi, but also integrated her program into reinforcing Juliet and Misty’s training also.  So now we had 3 well trained dogs, doing commands in a synchronized fashion.  Quite impressive.

Unfortunately, we had to put Juliet to sleep about 6 months later at the age of 14.  Heidi used Misty as a role model and along with the training she received, became a happy, healthy and pain free dog.  She was soon running with Misty, playing tug and having a good time.  I can walk them in a heel position, they follow both voice and hand signals, and both get along great.  Walking around our development we get nothing but compliments on how well behaved the dogs are.  Everyone thinks we are great dog trainers, but we know better.  Demaree is the great dog and owner trainer.  All we have to do is follow her instructions. 

Thanks Demaree.
John and Maureen O’Brien  (“Misty” & “Heidi”)

Demaree trained all four of my dogs – two German Shepherd dogs and two Shih Tzu’s. The first of my dogs to be trained was my 2 year old Shih Tzu, Lazee, who was sequestered to the kitchen because of chewing and what we thought were “accidents” in the house. After one week of training, this dog was so well behaved, he was given free run of the house. In the decade that I have known Demaree and sought her help with my canine issues, she has always been “spot on” and able to help resolve any issue. I have recommended her to many family and friends with pets and will continue to do so with complete confidence that she will be able to help them with any issues they are experiencing!

- Wendy (“Lazee,”  “Gerson,”  “Ozzie,”  & “Bear”)


After losing our 9 ½ year old Newfoundland, Reilly, we decided to get a Newf pup.  Oliver had big shoes to fill and Demaree helped us with this huge task.

Having two young children and a 2 month old big puppy is not easy.  Oliver was constantly nipping at the children and at times was uncontrollable.  Demaree was firm, yet loving and VERY patient!  Her techniques and suggestions have helped Oliver to fit into our family perfectly! 

He is an awesome guy who is able to adapt to any situation.  We continue to use all Demaree’s suggestions including her dietary recommendations.  Oliver is thriving!!

- Kerry (“Oliver”)


We’ve been blessed with wonderful clients who are concerned about the welfare of their dogs and who are willing to make positive changes for the dog’s mental and physical well-being.  With a motivated client, change is possible.  Each client is responsible for their own success, but we are happy to have had the privelidge of guiding and helping them along the way!

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